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In a culture of instant gratification and personalized connections, social media has allowed us to get what we need, when we want it, by a quick click by the finger. The question isn’t, “are you engaged in social media?” rather it has become, “are you doing enough within the world of social media?” Social media has allowed us, as a community, to learn more about the habits and interests of our valued clients and our hopeful prospects, which enable us to connect with them more intimately.

When engaged properly, social media can give us clues as to what our clients and prospects like or are passionate about so that we can attempt to form an effective message to reach them directly. Social Media outlets also give us the ability to make changes on the fly and test messages to our clients. Did you tweet or post about an upcoming event? How many people saw your post? How many people took action from your post? If we’re not satisfied with our ROI, it’s easy to access our interaction, adjust messages if needed and tweet/post again.

In order to reach your clients and engage them, you need to know where they are and talk to them on their time. According to Business Insider Intelligence, U.S. audiences spend a half hour to three hours daily on social media. Social media is also one of the largest time buckets on mobile*.

So how do you get started?

  • Determine your objective. Is it to build brand awareness, is it to generate leads or maybe it’s for purposes of support and service.
  • Define your brand voice. It’s important that regardless of ‘who’ is posting for your business, all messages should be posted in a consistent voice.
  • Market to a targeted segment rather than the masses.
  • Identify the communities for your target market, or build a community through your own social networks or blogs.
  • Create an action plan.
  • Measure results.

Need help?

Shaw Media offers specialty products to help our clients target their customers in more effective ways. From niche websites, such as to direct mail to a full digital presence we are able to deliver your message to the specified target you need. Visit for information on effective digital marketing solutions.